1986 I was 10 years old, living in Brazil, and I had nothing in mind but girls and movies. Living in Brasilia (a spitting image of the suburbs where kids out of Steven Spielbergs movies used to live) me and the others from our American school ran into the mall to watch THE GOONIES and BACK TO THE FUTURE dreaming of some glorious days to come. Sadly I haven‘t returned to this place since 24 years. But nothing in my whole life had a deeper impact than this popcultural decade. 

Sometimes nowadays, when I am shooting pictures, this feeling returns. Then I realise that these times full of youth and exploration and carelessness exist detached from the 80s. Times that mean so much to me and will always touch my heart. I call these times: DIAMONDTIMES.

This little book can pre-ordered in November and drops December 4th.
love, love, love. Ben